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Monomer acid Trimer acid

Monomer acid Trimer acid

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1. Product features

This fatty acid features for high purity, no impurity and light color.

2. Use

Mainly used in plasticizer, lubricant, tanning agent, detergent, soap, vulcanizing agent, collector agent in mineral separation, alkyd resin for coating, etc.

3. Performance Index

Acid value: 195±5 mgKOH/g

Saponification value: 198±5 mgKOH/g

lodine value: 50~80 mgI2/g

Color: 1~1.5(Fe-Co)

Congealing point: 36±3℃

4. Package, storage and transportation

One hundred and eighty kilos per plastic barrel.

Keep it from collision and store it in a cool and ventilating place.

Trimer acid

1. Product features

It is a brown and viscous liquid without toxicity or irritancy. It is soluble in a majority of organic solvents and insoluble in water.

2. Use

Mainly used in polyamide resin, lubricant, corrosion resistant agent, plasticizer, oilfield corrosion inhibitor, etc.

3. Performance index

Performance Index Grade
ZD-40 ZD-50 ZD-60
Acid value  mgKOH/g 185~190 185~190 185~190
Saponification value  mgKOH/g 190~195 190~195 190~195
Color  (Fe-Co) ≤16 ≤17 ≤18
Viscosity  mPa·S/25℃ 15000~25000 25000~40000 >40000
Monomer acid  % 0~0.5 0~0.5 0~0.5
Dimer acid  % 50~60 40~50 <40
Trimer acid  % 40~50 50~60 >60
Relative density  25/25℃ 0.95 0.95 0.95

4. Package, storage and transportation

ISOTANK, flexitank, or one hundred and ninety kilos per barrel (plastic barrel or iron barrel).

Keep it from collision and store it in a cool and ventilating place.

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