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        Fujian Zhongde Energy Co., Ltd

        Fujian Zhongde Energy Co., Ltd. used to be Fuqing Zhongde Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.The company is founded in 1995 and Iocated at FuLu industry district in Longtian town Fuqing city.It is high technology enterprise of Fujian province,technical center industry of Fuzhou city,technological creative industry,advanced producing and researching corporate company as well.As a 3A guarantee industry,it has independent and export right and has acquired the ISO9001(2000 edition)certification.

        The company employs advanced scientific innovation to make full use of the leavings of edible oil extract and waste edible oil as material to produce Zhongde brand serial chemical products.Since its undation,the company has been sticking to its "combination of production, studying,research"way and regard it as the only way to develop the enterprise.It has set up researching and developing center and has been keeping touch with China's many institutes (including Shanghai Food Science Researching Academy,Fujian Chemical Technology Researching Center,Sichuang University,Fuzhou University and so on)and industry associations.

        Till now the Zhongde brand series are composed of sorts of different products.The first step products are dimer acid,monomer,stearic,vegetable asphaltum.The second step products such as polyamide resin and polyamide hot melt adhesive(including high performance polyamide hot melt adhesive and dimer acid based polyamide hot melt adhesive)are further developed fromdimer acid.And are developing the third step products like high purity dimer acid and trimeracid made of dimer acid,iso-stearic by deep processing monomer,stearate series products from stearic,construction leaking-proof dope from vegetable asphaltum.Its products are mainly used in packaging,footwear,electronics and communication industries.We have nationwide distribution network.The leading products dimer acid and polyamide resin are exported to Europe,America and Southeast Asian regions.The products are deeply appreciated by domestic and international customers and fraternal enterprises.It will not be satisfied with the progress.Always tracking the latest domestic and international information to do its best to make it a high technology grease chemical products enterprise is its final goal.